We have production departments starting from Knitting, Bleaching, Washing and Printing. In addition, we also have a garment department that employs skilled and experienced workers and uses modern technology in production.

The Knitting production unit, covering a total area of 44,000 square feet. This fabric production unit is familiar with production of various types of knit fabric including Single jersey, Single jersey with open width, Single jersey bodysize, Single jersey jacquard, Double knit jacquard, Rib and Rib bodysize.
The raw yarn for SCS knitting production are both imported and/or purchased locally from high quality suppliers. As SCS mainly deals with the production of underwear, it produces knit fabric with the production capacity of 220 tons per month.

Fabric printing department has printing capacity of 100,000 meters of fabric per month.
We works with various types of fabric printing techniques including pigment and reactive printing as well as sewn or partially sewn garment printing with an impressive production capacity of 30000 units per month.
The printing machineries are equipped with well respected European imported technology.


In the fabric preparation process, We prepare from the washing and finishing stages to control the fabric quality. We mainly use leading machines from Europe to ensure that we can control the quality as we want.



Garment construction unit is the heart of SCS. Located in the area of 176000 square feet, it holds the work spaces for over 800 workers with an impressive production capacity of 110000 dozen per month. It can be seperated into 3 large departments which are:
1. Cutting department
2. Sewing department
3. Packing department
Each of these department are fitted with advanced technology and systematic control to ensure that only the best quality product are produced and delivered to our customers.

The Garment unit has a capacity of 2,000,000 dozens per year in the 176,000 square feet. We have skilled and experienced workers in sewing. We always training to improve our staffs skills all the time and the machines we use are top quality machines in the garment industry.

We have a product inspection department. and quality control in every production process Including in packing the product as well. We have an internal quality assurance system to guarantee the quality of product and always invest in technologically advanced tools.

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